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Human trafficking is one of the most widespread crimes in the world, affecting over 40 million people and generating $150 billion profit in a year. While online child sexual exploitation has become a global industry generating $20 billion in a year. This money used to buy, sell and abuse people is flowing through our banking systems. But we cannot see it. Most of this money is processed by legitimate financial services through millions of ordinary-looking transactions, and traces of crimes are hidden in terabytes of data isolated in different systems. Just planning to surface that data would cost an enormous amount of money and time. This is where technology can help. And this is why we have developed the RedCompass Labs RedFlag Accelerator.

What is the RedFlag Accelerator?

The RedCompass Labs RedFlag Accelerator is a holistic and practical model that enables banks and other financial services firms to accelerate the search of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation traces in their organisations and makes sharing the learnings globally accessible.

Our mission is to disrupt human trafficking by using our payments and data science expertise to interrupt the money flow and make it impossible to use financial services to buy and sell people.

  • rfa portal.png

    RedFlag Accelerator Portal

    Our interactive portal equips you with everything you need to accelerate the search for human trafficking and child sexual exploitation red flags in your data.

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    Intelligence Feed (Beta)

    Our portal offers the aggregation of external reference datasets that can identify personas involved in human trafficking and child sexual exploitation offences to support your intelligence-led investigations.

  • intel feed.png

    Integrated Detection Accelerator

    Deploy our cutting-edge, typology-driven-analytics solutions on your data to detect human trafficking and child sexual exploitation-related financial crime.

Why is the RedFlag Accelerator different?

We are not the first organisation trying to do something about human trafficking. A lot of good work has been and is being done; however, working independently runs the risk of slowing down the progress.

The RedFlag Accelerator consolidates and enhances the work done by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the Banks Alliance Against Trafficking, UN, FATF, OSCE, FAST, academia, governments, FIU, and NGOs worldwide. The RedFlag Accelerator Typologies, coupled with our expertise in data science, helps banks to detect suspicious human trafficking and child sexual exploitation patterns in their data smarter, faster, and cheaper.

Last but not least, by collaborating with a wide range of stakeholders, including STOP THE TRAFFIK, law enforcement agencies, UN, and other global organisations, and making the RedFlag Accelerator also available to Traffik Analysis Hub participants, the RedFlag Accelerator will grow its database and provide up-to-date human trafficking and child sexual exploitation flags and scenarios.

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