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RedFlag Accelerator Typologies Update: Fight against exploitation of the vulnerable

RedFlag Accelerator Typologies Update: Fight against exploitation of the vulnerable

27 Apr 2022

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As 2021 turned into 2022 we were all looking ahead to the New Year with hope, willing the COVID-19 pandemic to disappear and to see the world ‘go back to normal’.  Sadly, the first quarter of 2022 turned out to be far from normal with the horrific unfolding of war in Ukraine. Again, sadly, we saw once again that wherever there is a new crisis, there are always criminals ready to respond and take advantage of the vulnerable, in this case displaced people and refugees.

Even though the trafficking and exploitation scenarios of Ukrainian refugees are still being documented in the RedFlag Accelerator Typologies, it is certainly never too early to raise awareness of the trafficking risks. Many organisations including our partner Stop the Traffik have worked tirelessly to understand the impact, to help the situation on the ground and support the most vulnerable.

As much as new trends are emerging and new jurisdictions and typologies are getting more focus, the existing trafficking and exploitation crimes are continuing to unfold. We followed news reports and headlines on how human trafficking and child sexual exploitation threats have evolved.

As a result, the latest RedFlag Accelerator Typologies version (1.6) brings all these findings together, enhancing existing content and adding new trends to help identify suspicious activity relating to emerging threats. Marking the end of National Child Abuse Prevention Month in the US, we have enhanced our online child sexual exploitation typology to help identify increasing threats of grooming children on social media platforms as well as the growing prevalence of explicit child content and CSAM on adult entertainment platforms such as OnlyFans.

The human trafficking and child exploitation cost of getting this wrong is exceedingly high. Having the right controls in place is more important than ever. RedCompass Labs RedFlag Accelerator helps banks and other financial services firms to detect these heinous crimes in their data and ensure that their systems are not being used to buy or sell people.